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Rawr Reader,
You might be wondering the reason my blog's called what it is. Well, I started writing a greeting post and the first thing that came to me was rawr reader. (Rawr translates to "hello" or "dear." I'm fluent in Lion.) Also lions have been around me for the entirety of my life and found it even more suiting.

[Excerpt from Goodreads]                                                  
 [Picture of book cover- Will be my picture unless otherwise stated.]

Where I heard about book or who I heard it from.

My review and opinions on said book. It's for both those who have and haven't read said book.
Will end with my rating of said book. Stars rank as such:
         1 - I didn't like this book at all. I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone and wouldn't read it again.
         2 - I didn't like this book. I might recommend this book, but I wouldn't read it again.
         3 - I thought this book was okay. I might recommend this book and I might read it again.
         4 - I really liked this book. I would recommend this book and I would read this book again.
         5 - I loved this book. I would definitely recommend this book and I would read this over and over again.

  When I rate books, I consider: character invention, plot, character development, pacing, world building, denouement, and [if it has a message] does it stick with me after I've closed the book.
   A lot of times I rate books, if they turn out 4 stars, it's because of the pacing. Pacing is probably the heaviest part of the rating score.

Author's Quote:
I'll insert a quote from the author, not necessarily about the book, if the author has any quotes. It may or may not be from Goodreads.
If author has no quotes, I'll just choose another quote from an author.

My Goodreads:
For anyone who'd like to check out or follow my Goodreads that's interested in seeing what kind of books I like to read or planning on reading. I try not to lean toward any one genre, but I'll admit I have a ton of young adult/ fantasy/ adventure.

Next to read:
Pretty self-explanatory, it'll list the next book I plan on reading. If I haven't decided which one I want to read, I'll put TBD. And if I still can't find a book I want to read next, I might ask for recommendations. (Which I don't mind at all!)

River Song's Spoilers:
You may ask why I have a section with this title is because one, I'm a huge Doctor Who fan. And one of my favorite characters is River Song, whose one of many catchphrases is "Spoilers!" where she refrains from revealing any spoilers of the character's futures. However, I will, so if you haven't read the book, do not read this section!

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