Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blog Vacation!

Rawr Reader,

    In mid August I officially decided to take a short break from my blog. While I love writing reviews, I seem to have gone on overload because for 6 straight months I wrote reviews, and consequently the reviews I've recently been able to write seemed weak in analysis.  I think you as the reader deserve better since you're probably reading either because 
            1) you haven't read it the book yet and am somewhat curious about doing so 
            2) you have read it and want to see if we have the same reactions/comments/thoughts on said book. 
    So I'm taking a mini vacation and hopefully by September I'll be refreshed and back in my reviewing mode. (And that's when Vicious by Victoria Schwab is released and I'll definitely be reviewing that book.) ^^
    I don't know if this is simply because of my book selection that I can't really think of much to say or I'm mentally exhausted from constantly reading then reviewing then jumping into a new book to repeat the process, let alone worrying about my schoolwork, but I think a break will be good for me and I hope I don't disappoint any consistent followers. When I do resume writing reviews, I'm really excited to share my thoughts with you all again since I've been getting some good books (I think). ;D
So until next time, happy reading!

Nicole Ciel

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