Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rawr Reader

Welcome Reader, she says in a robot voice.

Okay, that wasn't necessary, but I thought it was an ethereal way to start this welcome post. This is one of a couple blogs I have and I still haven't determined yet if I want to continue on with this site or another. What I'll be discussing will revolve around books and writing and photography. Why? Because of all the things that I find so magical in this world (and that I can do-- I really wish I was musically talented or a drawing extraordinaire) those are my top favorite things to do to occupy myself with.
After several posts I think you will begin to understand my style of writing, because to be honest, I like to keep it pretty close to how I'd say it. (Omitting the um's, erm's, uh's, etc's) ;D

I really hope you enjoy posts I continue from now on as there tiny pieces of myself that I'm sharing with you. I wish I could go on a little more but I have to study for an astronomy test tomorrow!

Until Next Time,
Nicole Ciel

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